Accreditation Terms

Thank you for choosing UCA Accreditation for your organization. This document, QP110123APPTRMA, contains the Terms and Conditions of your application.


Accreditation requires, at minimum, one survey per Accreditation period. Surveys may have both virtual and in person, onsite components. Organizations will need to make available the appropriate staff and resources to efficiently conduct the survey. This includes, but is not limited to, participating in online meetings with camera and screen share, pre-submitting requested documentation, and making staff available for interview. The survey process includes onsite visits to the center(s) and direct patient care observation. At minimum organization should be prepared to have up to three (3) days spent in survey; larger, multiple center organizations will have additional day(s).


Current fee structure is viewable on the UCA website. Please email us for your specific pricing at Fees are due at application and applications are not processed until payment is arranged. Applications with incomplete, expired, or incorrect supporting documentation will be returned in full so that the application may be correctly re-submitted later. Application fees are non-refundable once paid, and original application deadlines will still apply. Organizations must be ready and available for survey within 6 months of completed application and payment for initial applications and within 6 months before expiration for renewal applications. Organizations that are not ready will have their applications closed and will forfeit all fees paid. Please review all your materials carefully prior to submitting. All materials will be kept confidential except if required by law or court proceedings. In addition to the application fee, the applying organization will also be responsible for reimbursing any surveys not included in the application fee, including surveyor fees and travel related surveyor(s) expenses, regardless of the final decision to award accreditation. The applicant will be invoiced for these expenses separately after the survey. No designation will be awarded until all applicable fees are paid. Other fees may apply and include, but are not limited to, fees for late applications, rescheduled surveys, and canceled surveys.


In consideration of UCA’s willingness to review this application, applicant agrees to the following provisions:

ACCREDITATION SCOPE. UCA Accreditation is awarded to the organization. All urgent care offerings provided by the organization come under the Accreditation including centers, virtual, and mobile. For organizations that offer other specialties (e.g., primary care), those specialties are excluded from the Accreditation. With co-located specialties, common facilities, equipment, and workforce fall under the Accreditation. Organizations are required to add through attestation new locations to their Accreditation within 30 days of opening. Failure to comply with Accreditation requirements at one or more locations may result in the revocation of Accreditation for the organization.

RIGHT OF RESURVEY. UCA reserves the right to resurvey the organization depending on the initial survey findings. It is the responsibility of the applying organization to submit a new Accreditation application, if requested, and to pay all survey fees and expenses for this resurvey.

EARLY ACCREDITATION. Organizations may seek accreditation up to 6 months prior to opening their first center (startup organization). The application requires attestation that the new location will meet all the standards for accreditation and certification at the time it opens. Additionally, the organization must submit the documentation required 45 days prior to opening. Prior to opening, an on-site survey must be scheduled within 60 days after anticipated opening. If the survey has not been scheduled and the organization desires to withdraw the application, the Accreditation status will be lost, and the organization will forfeit the full amount paid as well as any non-reimbursable expenses. If opening is delayed and surveyor travel has already been scheduled (e.g., airfare booked), any travel related change fee would be covered by the organization.

WITHDRAWAL OF APPLICATION. An organization may voluntarily withdraw from the accreditation process at any time and will forfeit its full application fee. If the withdrawal occurs after a survey is confirmed, the applicant will be responsible for any fees than due including nonrefundable expenses.

RESCHEDULING A CONFIRMED SURVEY. An organization may request the reschedule of a confirmed survey. If granted, the applicant will be responsible for a reschedule fee plus any non-reimbursable and reimbursable survey expenses such as travel arrangements already made.

INTERPRETATION. UCA, as a private not-for-profit organization, reserves sole discretion to interpret and apply the criteria, modify the criteria, and develop and apply additional criteria, from time to time without prior notice.

DISCLAIMER AND LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY. UCA is providing no assurances that the AUC designation will lead to increased revenues or profits and shall have no liability if increases do not occur or for any other claim or occurrence arising out of applicant’s application or the AUC accreditation program. If applicant is dissatisfied with the program, applicant’s sole remedy shall be to decide not to renew or expand its participation. In any event, applicant waives and agrees not to assert any claims against UCA (or its officers or directors), based on the AUC accreditation program or any decision not to grant accreditation. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing provisions, applicant waives and agrees not to assert any claim that any accreditation denial violates any federal or state antirust or restraint of trade laws. IN ANY EVENT, UCA’S AGGREGATE TOTAL MONETARY LIABILITY TO APPLICANT UNDER ALL CAUSES OF ACTION AND ALL THEORIES OF LIABILITY (INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO STATUTORY, TORT, STRICT LIABILITY, WARRANTY, INDEMNITY, CONTRIBUTION, AND CONTRACT THEORIES) WILL BE LIMITED TO THE REFUND OF ALL APPLICATION FEES PAID BY APPLICANT.

INDEMNITY. To the extent permitted by applicable laws, applicant shall indemnify, hold harmless, defend and reimburse UCA and its officers, employees and directors (“Indemnified Parties”) from and for any and all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, expenses, penalties, judgments, orders, awards, attorneys’ fees and litigation expenses (collectively, “Claims”) which arise or are alleged to arise wholly or partly out of or in connection with: (i) any bodily or personal injuries, death, sick- ness, disease, or any other medical or psychological condition, of any person who visits or seeks to visit applicant’s Center for which UCA has provided a AUC designation; (ii) any decision by UCA to grant or deny a AUC designation for any of applicant’s Facilities; or (iii) any action or omission of applicant or its officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, contractors or consultants. With-out limiting the generality of the foregoing provisions, APPLICANT’S OBLIGATIONS TO INDEMNIFY, HOLD HARMLESS, DEFEND AND REIMBURSE INCLUDE ALL CLAIMS, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER SUCH CLAIMS ARE CAUSED OR ALLEGED TO HAVE BEEN CAUSED WHOLLY OR PARTLY BY UCA’S ACTS OR OMISSIONS OR AN INDEMNIFIED PARTY’S NEGLIGENCE; provided, if this provision or any phrase or portion is held void, unenforceable, or prohibited by law, then this provision and any such phrase or portion shall be reasonably reformed (by modifying, adding, or deleting text) to the minimum extent required to carry out the parties’ mutual intent that this provision shall provide the broadest obligations to indemnify, hold harmless, defend, and reimburse that are valid, enforceable and permitted by law. Nothing herein shall be deemed to limit or reduce any obligations of any insurers of applicant, except to the extent required for such obligations to be valid, enforceable, and permitted by law; provided, applicant hereby waives all rights of its insurers to subrogate against the Indemnified Parties.