Limited Scope X-Ray Training

UCA has partnered with Control the Dose to provide safe, high-quality x-rays in all Urgent Care centers. Our training programs are designed to train clinical professionals in limited scope radiology, and are customized to meet state regulations.

Control the Dose is dedicated to providing education for limited x-ray operators in medical and chiropractic offices, clinics, and smaller/rural hospitals.   

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Online Limited Radiography Course

with Radiation Safety, Onboarding and Quality Assurance

Study to become a Limited X-ray Operator. This comprehensive online course is bundled with the Control the Dose Test Prep system. It’s designed to prepare you to become a Limited Radiographer and pass the exam required by your state to be licensed.


Online Limited Radiography Course

with Radiation Safety, Onboarding and Quality Assurance

The Basic Course is designed for states that do not require an exam to operate x-ray equipment. Providing knowledge and skills to do limited radiography, it is used by many facilities to prepare employees to do medical x-rays safely and provide a better experience for their patients.

Group and state customizations are available.

Control the Dose will help you choose the right program for your state(s) and contact you with pricing and next steps after you submit your information below.

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We will help you determine the appropriate course and specifications for your team.

The supply of Radiologic Technologist (RT) professionals is significantly below the demand for their sophisticated array of skills in Urgent Care – a situation that was further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is a solution to this problem: Limited Scope X-ray Licensure.


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