Committee members get things done. There are various opportunities to get involved in decision making through committee involvement, including those within the Urgent Care Association, Urgent Care Foundation and the College of Urgent Care Medicine.

Get Involved & Share your expertise

We offer members several committees based on area of interest and expertise. Terms are for three years and are renewable for one additional three-year term. If you are interested in serving on a committee, give Membership a call at 331-218-0075.

Description: Proactively and responsively facilitates appropriate legislative, regulatory and reimbursement advocacy for Urgent Care. Members of the committee work to educate Congress and other key health care policymakers and stakeholders on the Urgent Care industry by continuing to update and implement an Advocacy Agenda.


Establishes and updates survey objectives, questions, data management, and reporting for the UCA Benchmarking Survey to assist members, media, and other audiences in assessing the industry, managing the quality and scope of their centers, and developing profiles of the industry which may be used as industry benchmarks.

Description: Works to advance diverse leadership within UCA, advance diverse leadership within the Urgent Care industry and reduce health disparities and inequities among the patients we serve. The commission will collect data on the industry, create industry benchmarking reports and assess how we can better serve underrepresented groups experiencing healthcare disparities.

Chair: Cassandra Barnette Donnelly, MD

Description: Advisory committee to Quality Programs including Accreditation, Certification, and Commendation programs. Focused on establishing and monitoring Accreditation standards and Certification criteria.  Promoting advances in Urgent Care through quality practices and quality monitoring. Assisting in the development of existing and new Commendations.

Description: Consisting of CEOs from organizations of 30 or more centers, the Strategic Advisory Group convenes multiple times per year to discuss trends in Urgent Care and advise the association on future strategies.

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The committee creates and oversees the process to select and recognize award recipients. Current awards include Rising Star, Outstanding Achievement, Lifetime Membership, Advocacy, Humanitarian, Quality and Safety, and the Becky Burress Unsung Hero Award.

Description: The Foundation Celebration and After Party is hosted annually by UCF during the Urgent Care Convention. The evening is the premier fundraising event for the Foundation, in support of its mission. The committee oversees and contributes to the planning, marketing, fundraising and execution of the event.

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Description: Primary focus of reducing unnecessary antibiotic use and preserve the utility of these life-saving drugs by improving clinical outcomes, coordinating industry policies and standards, and reducing activities that promote antimicrobial resistance.

Chair: Jonathan Zipkin, MD

Description: Consisting of clinical thought leaders from organizations of 30 or more centers, the Clinical Consortium convenes multiple times per year to discuss trends in Urgent Care medicine and advise the association on future strategies.

Chair: Tracey Davidoff, MD, FCUCM

Description: Responsible for initiatives such as updating website clinical resources, developing model policies, modifying and approving clinical best practices, supporting UCA accreditation on clinical matters and clinical presentations. 

Chair:  Jasmeet Bhogal, MD, MBA, FCUCM.

Description: Makes recommendations to the College Board regarding the standards required to become a Fellow in the College of Urgent Care Medicine. The Fellowship committee also screens all applications and approves College Fellows achieving the FCUCM distinction.

Chair: Tracey Davidoff, MD, FCUCM.