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Antibiotic Stewardship

Antibiotic Stewardship Urgent Care providers make clinical prescribing decisions for over 210 million patients each year. However, around 30% of antibiotics prescribed in outpatient settings are

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ASTHMA   The use of oral corticosteroids (OCS) in asthma, should be considered a treatment failure. The majority of adults with asthma have used OCSs

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Corticosteroid Stewardship

Corticosteroid Stewardship Systemic corticosteroids (S-CS) have a significant role in Urgent Care medicine, primarily in use of significant infectious and immune-mediated conditions.  It is imperative

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COVID Resources

Therapy Testing Data Therapy TREATMENT GUIDELINES National Institute of Health Guidelines for treating COVID-19 DRUG INTERACTIONS University of Liverpool COVID Drug Interactions FACT SHEETS FOR

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