The Urgent Care Association (UCA) and the College of Urgent Care Medicine (CUCM) offer Commendation programs for Urgent Care centers that demonstrate a commitment to special practices.

UCA Commendation Programs

The application for commendation is via electronic form.  To receive the application please email us at

Antibiotic Stewardship Commendation

The Urgent Care Association (UCA) and the College of Urgent Care Medicine® (CUCM) offer an Antibiotic Stewardship Commendation program for Urgent Care centers that demonstrate a commitment to responsible prescribing practices for antibiotics. With antimicrobial resistance on the rise, UCA advocates for healthcare providers to prescribe the right drug in the right dose for the right duration.

UCA Commendation Programs require Urgent Care centers to provide evidence of their compliance with the Core Elements of Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship program developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Antibiotic resistance is a serious threat, and UCA is proud to take a leadership role in finding a solution to this growing problem. There is a real need for comprehensive antibiotic stewardship across the healthcare industry, and UCA is encouraging all Urgent Care providers to take ownership of their prescribing practices and understand the role they play in stewardship efforts.


Specialty Training Commendation

The Specialty Training Commendation Program requires Urgent Care organizations to provide evidence of their commitment to formalized training and continuing education for providers in Urgentology. The program provides a framework for specialty training in the focused on four elements:

Commitment: Demonstrate dedication to and ongoing accountability for establishing, administering, evaluating, and improving provider onboarding and continuing medical education.

Clinical Training: Mandatory training in Urgentology and other aspects of practicing medicine that are specific to the specialty of Urgent Care. 

Patient Experience Training: Mandatory training in customer service or patient experience specific to the specialty of Urgent Care.

Evaluation and Improvement: Ensure program includes a process for continuous improvement that includes evaluation, tracking, reporting, review, and response.

Programs such as these can lead to higher quality practice and improvements in patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, and provider satisfaction, as well as higher satisfaction and retention across the entire Urgent Care team.

Coming Spring 2023

DEI Commendation

A Commitment To Best Practices, Standards And Addressing Disparities In Access And Treatment.