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TITLE: Administrative Assistant

STATUS: Exempt

REPORTS TO: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer


The Administrative Assistant serves as support to the CEO and CFO, ensuring that select company-wide activities are handled efficiently and effectively.  The primary scope of the role is to support HR, finance/administration and interdepartmental project coordination. In addition, the AA directly manages the activities of VIP groups for UCA, including the Board of Directors and Strategic Advisory Group. 


  • Providing support in select accounting and finance processes. 
  • Ensuring virtual office administration is handled in an efficient and effective manner. 
  • Ensuring the Board of Directors and Strategic Advisory Group activities operate effectively. 
  • Ensuring the calendars of the CEO and CFO activities operate efficiently and effectively. 
  • Ensure that HR processes are carried out in a timely manner. 


  • Senior Leadership Support – assisting CEO and CFO with scheduling group meetings, research, and managing small projects. 
  • Virtual Office Support – management of phone accounts, software licenses, remote office supplies, IT support company. 
  • Finance Department Support 
  • Assist CFO with deliverables from and interactions with partner organizations and other external entities. 
  • Manage Quarterly Functional Allocations with staff. 
  • Manage Organizational Credit Cards. 
  • Manage daily deposits, lockbox deposits, ACH deposits. 
  • Process invoices and initiate ACH transactions and update logs accordingly. 
  • Annual Audit support. 
  • Board Activities Support 
  • Assist CEO with scheduling, agendas and materials 
  • Act as primary contact for Board of Directors requests of UCA. 
  • Assist CEO with evaluation of new business opportunities. 
  • Develop and manage Board of Directors and Strategic Advisory Group websites 
  • Plan, execute and participate in Board events. 
  • Oversee and execute UCA BOD nominations and elections. 
  • Spearhead task forces and ad hoc committees upon request. 
  • Strategic Advisory Group Activities Support 
  • Assist CEO with scheduling, agendas, speakers and materials. 
  • Manage SAG websites and membership list.
  • Collaborate with team members on planning and execution of SAG events.
  • Act as primary contact for SAG requests of UCA. 
  • HR Activities Support 
  • Manage onboarding of new hires and trains hire on systems like Zoom, Teams, etc. 
  • Manage staff reimbursements. 
  • Manage staff updates and staff materials like employee handbook, policy changes, staff mandate announcements etc. 

 Job descriptions represent a general outline of job duties, functions, and qualifications.  They are not intended to be comprehensive in nature.  In addition, jobs evolve over time and therefore their description may not reflect the precise nature of the position at a given point in time. 

It is UCA’s policy to base hiring decisions on the individual’s ability to perform essential job functions.  Persons with disabilities are eligible for this position provided they can perform those functions with reasonable accommodation. 

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