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Our Role

The College of Urgent Care Medicine leads clinical practice excellence in the field of Urgent Care.

Urgent Care Medicine Competencies

Learn Urgent Care Provider Competencies (including the necessary equipment, supplies, and support staff) to be available during all posted hours for walk-in patients of all ages (unless specifically advertised and clearly represented as an age-limited center).

Urgent Updates

Urgent Updates from the College of Urgent Care Medicine are highlights of guidelines from other groups, reviewed by Urgent Care physicians. These highlights represent the actual intent of these articles and how they relate to the practice of Urgent Care medicine.

Urgent Caring Publication

See archived articles of the official newsletter of the College of Urgent Care Medicine. Urgent Caring, published quarterly, includes editorials, case studies, expert insights, Urgent Updates and more.

Congratulations to our 2024 Clinical Award Winners

Jasmeet Bhogal, MD, MBA, FCUCM

2024 Sean M. McNeeley, MD, FCUCM Advancing the Specialty Award

J.D. Zipkin, MD

2024 Joseph Toscano, MD, FCUCM Inspiring Excellence Award 

Cause for Applause

The College of Urgent Care Medicine’s Cause for Applause is a quarterly program that recognizes the great work our members are doing in the field.


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