Hippo, along with the Urgent Care Association and the College of Urgent Care Medicine, is on a mission to radically improve medical education for physicians and APPs.

Urgent Care Bootcamp is perfect for onboarding groups. Get new team members up-to-speed on everything they’ll need to know for their first Urgent Care shift with this comprehensive program.

$ 890

Ensure a high standard of care for your Urgent Care center with the only video onboarding course just for urgent care MAs.

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$ 150 Annually
UCA Member
$ 180 Annually

Improve patient outcomes and boost your clinicians’ confidence in interpreting plain films ahead of radiology reports. Introducing a step-by-step approach that goes beyond simple image recognition.

$ 790 Annually

Get the essential foundations to confidently diagnose and manage common mental health conditions in outpatient settings.

$ 790 Annually

Urgent Care Reviews and Perspectives (RAP) is a monthly podcast that gives expert-level, timely insight on how to manage high-stress situations, cope with emergencies, and deal with circumstances unique to Urgent Care.

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$ 395 Annually
$ 195 Annually

Confidently manage opioid and substance use disorders with this 8-hour audio series. (It meets your DEA requirement, too!)

$ 75

This step-by-step video course, offering CME, educates on how to manage the challenges of virtual visits.

$ 216 Annually

The Urgent Care Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (LLSA) is an entertaining, self-directed program offering CME that keeps your skills sharp.



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