Hippo Education, along with the Urgent Care Association and the College of Urgent Care Medicine, offers on-demand courses created by clinicians, for clinicians. Feel more empowered, connected, and confident with every course you complete, while improving your ability to deliver better patient care

Watch sample video of Urgent Care Bootcamp

Walk into your urgent care shift with confidence.

Finally, an online video course with everything you need to function like a seasoned urgent care clinician, whether it’s your first shift or 10th year in practice.

$ 890/year

Ensure a high standard of care at your Urgent Care center with Hippo Education x CUCM’s Clinical Readiness Assessment. Identify knowledge gaps to improve in your Urgent Care practice.

Confidently diagnose and manage pediatric urgent care cases with Hippo’s Urgent Care Peds Bootcamp.

$ 690/year
Ensure a high standard of care for your Urgent Care center with the only video onboarding course just for urgent care MAs. Ask us about group management tools and group pricing options.
$ 150/year
UC Monthly Pulse

Monthly 5-question quiz that will expand your Urgent Care knowledge, stay up-to-date on new literature and manage cases more effectively.

$ 200/year

Urgent Care Reviews and Perspectives (RAP) is a monthly podcast that gives expert-level, timely insight on how to manage high-stress situations, cope with emergencies, and deal with circumstances unique to Urgent Care.

First 3 months free for new subscribers.

$ 395/year

OUD Decoded

Confidently manage opioid and substance use disorders with this 8-hour audio series. (It meets your DEA requirement, too!)

$ 75

Improve patient outcomes and boost your clinicians’ confidence in interpreting plain films ahead of radiology reports. Introducing a step-by-step approach that goes beyond simple image recognition.

$ 790/year

Comprehensive adult primary care bootcamp that goes beyond diagnosing and treating, diving deep into the nuances of primary care.

$ 990/year
A free audio series that dives deep into what it truly means to work in medicine. It’s a candid look at the highs and lows, proving that even in medicine, we’re all only human.

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