One Step Ahead: How to Dominate Your Market with Innovation Leadership

In today’s hypercompetitive business environment, the difference between winning and losing is often slight. It’s like a race, where the fastest runner who crosses the line just one step ahead of the pack is victorious—and the number two finisher is quickly forgotten. This insightful audiobook, packed with proven concepts, shows you how to keep your organization in front of the competition. Using his decades of global business experience, Nicholas J. Webb reveals how innovation leadership is the key to staying One Step Ahead, and how you can leverage disruption to propel your organization forward.

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Nick’s exclusive Value Leadership Model, which unlocks the power of the four behaviors every leader needs: inspire, connect, adapt, and respect. Case studies and stories of how innovative leaders stay one step ahead. The top 10 dumb things leaders do to put themselves one step behind. The Leadership Reset—and how to go from runner-up to market champion. The top 10 ways to stay one step ahead—your concise checklist. How to become—and stay—an innovation leader. In a time of hyper-complexity and chaotic innovation, the best leaders are developing a new range of skills that will drive predictable growth. Even in a time of chaotic change, One Step Ahead shows you how.


By sharing with you my 40 years of professional experience working shoulder-to shoulder with some of the best leaders in the world, I’ll explain how to take the confusing trends of disruption and leverage them to lead superstar teams that will always be one step ahead of the competition.

I’ll reveal the attributes of the best leaders, as well as a list of the worst. You’ll see the power of knowing not only what your customers and employees love about your organization, but also what they hate about it. That’s right—staying one step ahead often means fixing what your customers dislike about your company, service, or product.

It’s true—consumers often make their choice based on which option they hate the least!

In chapters loaded with solid research, factual examples, and practical advice, you’ll learn how to set the pace for the pack and reap the highest rewards. In a time of disruption, this content-dense audiobook will be your trusted leadership playbook.

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220 pages