Getting Rid of Stupid Stuff: Reduce the Unnecessary Daily Burdens for Clinicians

How Will This Module Help Me?

  • Help identify the “stupid stuff” in your day-to-day as a clinician
  • Provide a standardized organizational process to eliminate the “stupid stuff”
  • Share real examples of organizations that have successfully reduced unnecessary burdens

Full Description

A workflow and process module presented by the American Medical Association.Unnecessary tasks have introduced a heavy burden into the daily workload of physicians and other clinicians and are thought to be at least partially responsible for physician burnout. Electronic health record (EHR) systems in particular have created significantly more work for physicians. Physicians themselves are often in the best position to recognize the “stupid stuff” in their day-to-day but may not feel empowered to speak up unless asked. Learn how to create a simple program where suggestions for change can be solicited and effectively carried through in your practice.

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American Medical Association

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