Urgent Updates | March 21, 2024

Measles Outbreak Threatens US Status Of ‘Eliminating’ Virus

The rash of measles outbreaks around the country has sparked concerns that the U.S. risks losing its status as a country where the disease has been eliminated, a distinction held since 2000. The CDC recommends people without immunity to measles should isolate after potential exposure for 21 days. Full Access: The Hill

Can AI Tool Improve Dx of Ear Infections?

Out of an original pool of 1561 videos, experts identified acute otitis media in 305 videos (26.5%) and no acute otitis media in 846 videos (73.5%). The tool achieved a sensitivity of 93.8% and specificity of 93.5%, with bulging of the tympanic membrane being the most indicative feature of acute otitis media, present in 100% of diagnosed cases, according to the researchers. Full Access: Medscape

A New Diagnostic Tool for Gonorrhea?

In preliminary studies, a novel point-of-care assay for detecting Neisseria gonorrhoeae accurately identified the infection in 96.5% of symptomatic men and 95.5% of symptomatic women. This test may provide an important addition to the toolbox for diagnosing STIs in the resource-limited settings. Full Access: NEJM

SMART Initiation Low Among PCPs, But Several Interventions Could Improve Adoption

In this study, presented at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Annual Meeting, only seven out of 22 children initiated on SMART were initiated by a PCP.

The researcher concluded that single maintenance and reliever therapy was not commonly initiated by primary care providers, although PCPs supported efforts to improve adoption. Full Access: Helio