Urgent Updates | June 27, 2024

Association of Daily Sitting Time and Coffee Consumption with the Risk of All-Cause and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality Among U.S. Adults

In this prospective cohort multivariable models, researchers showed that sitting more than eight hours a day was associated with higher risks of all-cause mortality compared with those sitting for less than four hours a day. People with the highest quartile of coffee consumption were observed for the reduced risks of both all-cause and CVD mortality compared with non-coffee consumers. Full Access: BMC

A Long COVID Definition – A Chronic, Systemic Disease State with Profound Consequences

The Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health asked the National Academies to assemble a committee of experts to produce a consensus definition for Long COVID. The resulting report presents the 2024 NASEM Long COVID definition, developed based on findings reported in existing literature, as well as stakeholder and patient input. A Long COVID definition: A chronic, systemic disease state with profound consequences. Full Access: National Academies

Research Finds Few Moderate or Severe Asthma Patients Prescribed Recommended Inhaler Regimen

Only 14.5% of adult patients with moderate or severe asthma are prescribed the recommended SMART combination inhaler regimen and over 40% of academic pulmonary and allergy clinicians have not adopted this optimal therapy, according to research published at the ATS 2024 International Conference. Full Access: NHLBI

Loss of Smell May Predict Heart Failure Risk

Older adults who have partially or completely lost their sense of smell have a 30% higher risk of developing congestive heart failure compared with adults with a good sense of smell, according to findings published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. Their risk of coronary heart disease and stroke also increased, though this was not statistically significant. Full Access: JAHA