Urgent Updates | July 14

Trends in Mortality From Poisonings, Firearms, and All Other Injuries by Intent in the US, 1999-2020

In this cross-sectional study of 3 813 894 deaths due to external causes, deaths from poisonings, firearms, and all other injuries increased between 1999 and 2020. From 2019 to 2020, death rates from each cause further accelerated, with the largest increases for deaths from unintentional poisoning and firearm deaths due to homicide. The rapid increase in deaths due to unintentional poisonings and firearm homicides is a national emergency that requires urgent public health interventions at the local and national levels. Full Access: JAMA


More than 100 infected in new outbreak from Cyclospora; source under investigation

As of July 6, the Food and Drug Administration reported 105 patients had been confirmed in the outbreak. the FDA have begun sample collection and analysis, but the agency has not reported what food or foods are being tested. The new outbreak of Cyclospora infections is the third the FDA has reported so far this year. One of the investigations has been closed without the agency determining the source of the microscopic parasite. Full Access: FSN


Enterovirus-Echovirus 11 Infection – the European Region

Since the disease outbreak news published on 31 May 2023 which reported enterovirus, Echovirus 11 (E-11) infection in France, additional Member States in the European Region have notified WHO of cases of E-11 among newborns.

As of 26 June 2023, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland have reported cases of E-11 infection confirmed in newborns. Further investigations and public health responses are being implemented in each of these Member States. Full Access: WHO


5 hospitals with the shortest, longest ED visit times

Becker’s has compiled a list of hospitals and health systems with the longest and shortest emergency department visit times using data from CMS’ provider data catalog. The CDC tracks the median average time patients spent in the ED before leaving the visit as part of its “timely and effective care” measure set. The data was released April 26 and covers ED visits recorded from July 2021 through June 2022. The national median average ED visit time was 160 minutes. Full Access: Becker’s Hospital