Urgent Updates | January 26

FDA Accepts Application for Nirsevimab Against RSV In Infants
The US Food Administration has agreed to review an application for nirsevimab to protect infants against RSV. The antibody found in nirsevimab works to prevent lower respiratory tract infection caused by RSV. Protection is timely, direct, and rapid, as the immune system does not need to activate for monoclonal antibodies to function.
Full Access: Contemporary Pediatrics

Window of Susceptibility (WOS) to Acute Otitis Media Infection
A prospective, observational cohort study of 286 children in a primary care pediatric practice setting, who had at least 1 AOM (range 1–8). Children were followed longitudinally from 6 to 36 months old. Recurrent AOM occurs in a narrow WOS and number of AOMs can be predicted at time of AOM based on child age and daycare attendance. Insertion of tympanostomy tubes likely occurs in many children after the WOS to recurrent AOM has passed or only 1 more AOM may be prevented at most.
Full Access: AAP

Medical Masks Versus N95 Respirators for Preventing COVID-19 Among Health Care Workers – Multicenter, randomized, noninferiority trial
In this study, 29 health care facilities in Canada, Israel, Pakistan, and Egypt from 4 May 2020 to 29 March 2022. 1009 health care workers who provided direct care to patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. Among Health care workers who provided routine care to patients with COVID-19, the overall estimates rule out a doubling in hazard of RT-PCR confirmed COVID-19 for medical masks when comparted with HRs or RT-PCR confirmed COVID-19 for N95 respirators. The subgroup results varied by country, and the overall estimates may not be applicable to individual countries because of treatment effect heterogeneity.
Full Access: Annals of Internal Medicine