UCF Projects & Grants
The Urgent Care Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit entity, and is the singular, nationally-recognized entity devoted to enabling Urgent Care viability through grants for original medical and operational research, special initiatives and raising awareness of Urgent Care.

The Urgent Care Research Grant Program invites UCA center members to apply for UCF funding to support projects and research that serve to further Urgent Care medicine as a specialty, contribute to the library of published research on Urgent Care, address known industry gaps and create pathways for continued industry progress.

Spring 2023 Grant Recipients

We are absolutely thrilled to proudly acknowledge and extend our warmest congratulations to two exceptional organizations, CUCM and PM Pediatrics, as the recipients of our UCPG Spring 2023 Grants

CUCM‘s project, “Benchmarking Urgent Care Clinicians’ Confidence Level with Common Procedures,” and PM Pediatrics‘ initiative, “Promoting Equitable Care Through the Establishment of Industry-Wide Pediatric Urgent Care Quality Benchmarks,” have ignited our excitement and admiration. 

These pioneering projects, which aim to improve standards and quality in the Urgent Care industry, reflect the dedication of CUCM and PM Pediatrics. We cannot wait to see their work come to life and support the Urgent Care industry. Your passion and commitment are truly inspiring, and we are honored to be part of this journey with you. Together, we will make a significant impact on the Urgent Care landscape.

Fall 2023 Grant Recipients

We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to American Family Care and Northwell GoHealth Urgent Care, the recipients of our prestigious UCPG Fall 2023 Grants.

American Family Care‘s “Antibiotic Stewardship Program in the Urgent Care Setting – A Measure of Clinical Impact” and Northwell GoHealth’s “Empowering Autism-Friendly Urgent Care: Bridging Gaps, Fostering Inclusivity, and Enhancing Patient-Centric Care” projects have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in the healthcare industry.

American Family Care‘s innovative approach to antibiotic stewardship and Northwell GoHealth‘s dedication to fostering inclusivity in Urgent Care are both exemplary. We are privileged to collaborate with both organizations as they continue to lead the way in accessible and comprehensive healthcare. 

Together, we look forward to transforming healthcare delivery and improving the lives of patient experience. Thank you for your incredible work, and we are excited to support your mission in the coming months.

The Urgent Care Foundation has demonstrated its unwavering commitment by generously donating  $30,000  to Urgent Care centers and the College of Urgent Care Medicine (CUCM). This substantial contribution is set to catalyze transformative projects within the healthcare industry, fostering advancements in patient care, medical research, and innovative technologies. 

Applicant Eligibility:

Organizations only may apply. Applicants must hold a current UCA center membership, or an Urgent Care organization may apply if the Project Lead holds an individual membership with UCA.

Fall Grants Timeline:

Applications Open: July

Grant Application Due Date: August 

  • Please note the deadline is 23:59pm ET

Anticipated Grant Award Notification Date: October

  • Grants will be distributed following a fully executed agreement.

Anticipated Project Start: November


Urgent Care Research Grants Program FAQs

The Urgent Care Foundation serves to advance awareness of the Urgent Care industry, and advance educational and scientific excellence in the field of Urgent Care medicine by inspiring and contributing to research, education, clinical and practice management leadership, as well as innovation in new and emerging healthcare delivery models. The Urgent Care Philanthropic Grants Program serves the charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)3 of the 1986 IRS Code, as amended, including the support of programs that advance the field of Urgent Care medicine through initiatives in education, quality, patient safety or measurable community benefit.

Review the application questions here.

Forms required include: W-9 for grantee organization; Detailed budget (Excel or Word format).

Individuals are not eligible to receive independent grant funding at this time.   However, individuals may submit proposals as the project lead, as long as the individual is associated with a current UCA Organization or Center member, and the Organization or Center is the entity entering into agreement with the UCF and is the grant recipient.

The Foundation supports educational development and scientific discovery efforts in the Urgent Care field including Research Stimulation Grants and Patient Education Grants.

Grant applications are reviewed by the College of Urgent Care Medicine and the UCF Board of Trustees. The UCF Board of Trustees makes final decisions on funding.

Funding will not be provided for substantial activities promoting propaganda, lobbying, or attempting to influence legislations, participation, or intervention in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any public office candidate. 

UCF grant funds cannot be used for indirect costs/overhead costs; captial purchases or equipment purchases; event or entertainment costs; food and beverage costs.

Support will be considered at any grant level within the anticipated total available budget related to each RFP cycle, from small ($1,000 – 5,000) to mid-size ($5,000+).

Indirect costs are those costs not directly related to the proposed project or project activities, but rather are incurred for joint benefit of multiple projects and other activities. Indirect costs are usually charged to benefiting objectives through an allocation process/indirect cost rate.   Overhead costs are costs associated with conducting general business, or other operating costs not directly associated with the project.

Yes, grant applications may be submitted for projects up to three (3) years in duration. Projects awarded with a timeline of more than one (1) year must re-apply each year for continued funding. There is no guarantee of continued funding or at the initial requested amount; continuing funds are awarded based on project performance and fund availability.

Yes. Organizations may apply multiple times in a year but will only be awarded once per every 365 days.

We can provide contact information, but recruitment and sub-contracting is the responsibility of the grantee. If you need assistance connecting with potential statistician support, please email sbalthrop@ucaoa.org.

Grant applications will be considered according to a predetermined scoring rubric used during review. View the scoring rubric here.