Tracy Patterson, MBA, MHSA, CHC

Executive Director for Quality

Tracy Patterson has worked in the Urgent Care industry for over 20 years. She started with a multistate organization and in 2012, she and her business partner formed Continuum Health Solutions. There, she led as a consultant with hospital, equity, physician, and medical practice clients.

Tracy has been involved with UCA for years as a speaker, committee member, content expert, and Accreditation surveyor. She joined as the Executive Director of Quality in 2020, leading UCA’s Quality Programs. She holds a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Health Services, a Bachelor’s in Accounting and is certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC). 

Favorite Charity: The Oasis Sanctuary

The Oasis Sanctuary is a unique avian rescue and life-care facility, dedicated to providing permanent care, shelter and rehabilitation for companion parrots for which other rehoming options do not exist. In particular it is a refuge for exotic birds such as parrots, cockatoos, macaws and other Psittacine birds – also accepting Passerines (finches/canaries), Columbiformes (doves/fancy pigeons) and other captive avian species. Many of the birds have “special needs”, little or no social skills, or have suffered physical and/or emotional abuse resulting in undesirable psychological behaviors. As a true Sanctuary, The Oasis does not breed, adopt out, sell or trade birds. Once a bird enters the doors of The Oasis, they are guaranteed a lifetime of care and compassion.