Spotlight on Our Members – Jennifer Carlquist, PA-C, ER CAQ – Q2 2023

Jennifer Carlquist, PA-C, ER CAQ

Jennifer Carlquist is a PA who has a passion for hearts. Working in cardiology, emergency medicine, and developing and providing EKG education to Urgent Care providers, she also finds time to paint! 

Previously a paramedic, Jennifer turned to painting as a way to cope with the trauma she was seeing on the streets. As she continued her medical education, she found herself drawn to cardiology, both literally, and figuratively through her art. 

Jennifer has about 40 paintings related to hearts hanging in her cardiology office as well in the emergency department where she works. Many have writing weaved through them with inspirational messages. She often gives her art to her patients. 

She says, “For me personally, I don’t ever have a plan when I paint, and the style of painting that I do is abstract; it comes from an intuitive place. The best part about it is I just turn off my mind, my medical mind and any of the noise, and let the creativity just take over. Sometimes things I never could have planned happen. I paint for my patients, but I also paint for me. Everyone wins!”