Neurology: New Approaches for the Treatment of Migraine Headaches


This recorded session from the 2019 Urgent Care Convention will walk you through new approaches to the treatment of migraine headaches.

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Headaches, particularly migraine headaches, are a frequent cause of visits to the ED or urgent care. Currently many patients with migraine headache are treated with IV or other systemic medications. These patients often require up to two hours for the treatment to be
effective, then are discharged drowsy, possibly unable to drive, and often go home and go right to bed. Dr Edward Michelson utilizes a method of aborting migraine headaches using long-acting anesthetic agents to perform blocks of peripheral trigeminal nerve branches. The technique has been published in the pain management literature, and is currently being studied in Dr Michelson’s institution. This is not part of current routine practice in urgent care or ED’s. The procedure will be demonstrated through graphics and video and the current literature on choice of medications for aborting a migraine headache will be reviewed.

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Edward A. Michelson, Paul L. Foster




48:44 minutes

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