Conducting Pre-Participation Sports Physicals In The Urgent Care Center


Youth athletic programs are ubiquitous in the United States, with leagues requiring players to have a physical exam before they’re allowed to take part. Ensuring your urgent care center is ready to be a “go to” resource for a thorough work-up increases young athletes’ chances for a safe experience and bolsters your position as a valued community health resource.

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Millions of juveniles participate in organized athletics the world over every year. In the United States, preparticipation exams are required, though specific policies and forms vary significantly in various localities. There is controversy, for example, as to whether an EKG or other cardiac testing is necessary. Ultimately, it is usually up to the examiner’s discretion whether a candidate “passes” the exam or not, so it is essential to remain current on recommendations from professional societies and be consistent within your own practice as to what findings warrant further workup.

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