Urgent Care Site Selection Tool: Strategic Market Assessment Report


Urgent Care site selection is both an art and a science. It is a process which involves doing homework. In the long run doing your “due diligence” is the only way to justify making what will surely turn out to be a major financial investment. If you want to succeed it’s absolutely imperative that you employ a systematic and disciplined approach – one which is intended to minimize mistakes and maximize opportunities.

Report Sections:

  • County Medical Alternatives
  • Urgent Care Competition
  • Site Comparison Resources
  • Maps – Population Density, Crime Risk, Traffic Volume

For more details on the sections click this link to see an interactive example of the Urgent Care SMART Report (Strategic Market Assessment Report) – EXAMPLE

This Urgent Care SMART Report is a strategic market assessment tool designed to help you quickly analyze key strengths and weaknesses of a site. And, it will help you discover how your site stacks up to other Urgent Care clinics in similar markets based on key location metrics such as:

  • Demographics & Psychographics
  • Urgent Care Competition
  • Population Per Physician
  • Private Insurance & Medicaid
  • Personal Crime Index

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