Benchmarking: A Roadmap to Success

An on-demand webinar on the importance of benchmarking and explores current industry data. A valuable discussion to review current benchmarks and set new benchmarks for your business that reflect the current on-demand healthcare climate.

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In the wake of the pandemic, we see an urgent care market today that looks very different than it did in 2019. Notably, patient behavior has changed, and the economy is likely impacting how people decide whether to seek medical care. Although historically, urgent care operators have measured clinic performance against historical industry benchmarks, those benchmarks have changed with the market. It’s time to reassess what KPIs matter and how we begin to establish new and relevant benchmarks for today’s urgent care market.Urgent care industry benchmarks used to measure clinic performance have changed with the market over the last few years. Are your KPIs up-to-date to ensure accurate 2024 planning?


Benchmarking: A Roadmap to Success provides discussion on:• Market changes affecting visit volume and performance• Critical KPIs to keep you on track• How business analytics can guide smart decisions

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