Certification Criteria


CUC Required Criteria

1. Validation of Business Entity*:

  • Current copy of one of the following state documents:
    • Business/Occupational License
    • Certificate of Occupancy
    • Certificate of Good Standing/Status/Existence


2. X-Ray License*:

  • Current copy of one of the following state X-ray room/equipment documents:
    • Inspection certificate 
    • Registration
    • Licensure


3. X-Ray Attestation & Photo*:

  • Attest to possessing X-Ray equipment that can perform:
    • Chest x-ray
    • C-spine
    • Long bone films
    • Abdomen
    • Extremities
  • Photo of facility’s X-Ray equipment on site (Fixed or Portable)


4. Laboratory License*:

  • Current copy of CLIA certificate
  • Current copy of state laboratory certificate, if applicable


5. EKG Requirement Attestation:

  • Attest to the ability to obtain and read an EKG on site


6. Center Organizational Chart*:

  • Organizational chart; management structure


7. Facility Floor Plan*: 

  • Copy of facility floor plan with clear labels marking EACH of the following items: exam rooms, treatment rooms (if separate), patient restrooms, radiology room (or storage location of portable equipment), laboratory, AED/portable defibrillator, storage of portable oxygen tanks and location of emergency equipment/supplies (e.g. epi pens, oral airways, etc.)


8. Emergency Equipment/Supplies/Medications*:

  • List of all items stocked for adult and pediatric populations


9. Marketing Materials*: 

  • If the center does not have website, attach a copy of recent advertisement, flyer or similar marketing piece for this facility (billboard photos accepted)


10. Medical Director (or equivalent) Job Description Attestation:

  • Attest to written job description available


11. Medical Director Unrestricted Licensure*:

  • Copy of active, unrestricted license for center’s Medical Director 


12. Photo Submissions: Facility Structure & External Signage*:

  • Exterior photo clearly showing entire facility structure and external signage 
  • Photo of main entry door or sign indicating days and hours of operation to the public
    • If photo does not include advertisement that walk-ins are accepted during all hours, provide separate proof of advertisement circumstances criteria 
    • If facility does not meet above criteria, provide address of nearest owned center that meets special circumstances criteria (center must be certified or have an application in process)