Q1 2024 Urgent Caring-From the Editors-in-Chief

Tracey Davidoff, MD, FCUCM
Cesar Mora Jaramillo, MD, FAAFP, FCUCM

This winter season has been the longest peak season for respiratory infections since the pandemic. We have seen COVID-19, influenza, RSV, and other viruses impacting our communities for many weeks. Does it feel like this respiratory season is never-ending?

We have been through over 13 weeks of influenza-like illness. Last year, it lasted 11 weeks, and the year before, it was seven weeks. These numbers show a more stable season that matches pre-pandemic years – when the seasons will last for 15-18 weeks. 

Nationally, COVID-19 infections are the leading cause of respiratory deaths, but we will have to wait until the CDC reports influenza-related death data, which happens post hoc, to account for underreporting. Hang in there. The season is almost over!

On another topic, we can’t wait to see you at the Urgent Care Convention April 13-17 at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas. Last year, the convention was highly successful, and we have raised the bar this year! Come learn, network, and share experiences with your peers. Register here

The Experience – What’s New?

  • Specialized journeys for the different roles in Urgent Care
  • More unscheduled time to network
  • More panel and facilitated discussions
  • Wellness sessions
  • An immersive garden party – Foundation Celebration

The College of Urgent Care Medicine will have four board positions open, and there are seven excellent candidates: Lindsey Fish MD; Kyla Howrish NP, FCUCM; Joe Toscano MD, FCUCM; Roger Hicks MD, FCUCM; Josh Russell MD, FCUCM; Brad Laymon PA-C, CPC, CEMC, and Patrick Dolan MD, FCUCM. You should have already received an email to vote as well as a link to learn more about these outstanding candidates. The election will close on April 16 during the Urgent Care Convention.

See you in Las Vegas!