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If you are interested in a date please contact Jackie Stasch at Payment in full is due Net 15 from date of invoice to secure. There is no refund for canceled webinars. If you need to change your webinar date, UCA may be able to accommodate that request. If an acceptable date cannot be found, a 50% refund will be made. This opportunity is subject to change.

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UCA Advertising and Promotion Policy

All advertising and promotional activities conducted through the association from sponsors and vendors must be clearly differentiated from content produced from the Urgent Care Association. The content must be relevant to our audience and receive approval from the appropriate UCA personnel. UCA reserves the right to reject any content that is deemed as detracting from UCA’s purpose and initiatives. 

Advertisers, sponsors and agencies recognize, accept and assume liability for all content and claims made against UCA arising from or related to such content distributed through UCA on behalf of their organizations (print, digital, spoken or otherwise).