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Access the Latest Industry Data with the 2023 Finance Benchmarking Report.  The report includes standard finance metrics such as revenue, expenses and accounts receivable, as well as some new insights such as revenue cycle management (RCM) challenges and merger and acquisitions data.

Envision Your Time to Recharge

The 2024 Urgent Care Convention is less than a month away. Attendees can expect an enriching experience that includes wellness sessions […]

Urgent Care Foundation to Host Night of Impact at Stretch, Grow, Prosper Celebration​

The Urgent Care Foundation has announced its 2024 Celebration, “Stretch, Grow, Prosper,” the largest philanthropic event in the Urgent Care industry […]

Recharge at the 2024 Urgent Care Convention

Since April 2023, the UCA team has been building not just on a Convention but a holistic experience for Urgent Care professionals […]

  • In Maryland, Supervised Staff Can Now Capture X-Rays

    Maryland has finalized licensure-exception legislation to create a limited-scope x-ray technologist role that urgent care centers can now leverage to help extend the services their staff can provide. […]

  • New HPV Screen Allows for Simplified Patient Self-Collection

    The Food and Drug Administration has approved a testing protocol that allows patients to collect their own vaginal samples for human papillomavirus (HPV) screening in healthcare settings—including […]

  • Ascension Wrestling With Cyberattack

    Ascension Healthcare, with 140 hospitals and more than 50 urgent cares in 19 states, was impacted by a cyberattack earlier this month, forcing ambulances to divert and pharmacies to shut down. The […]

  • Patients Do Well With Hypertension Self-Care

    A randomized clinical trial of 219 patients with uncontrolled hypertension showed in a secondary analysis that self-management programs including home blood pressure monitoring and self-titration of […]

  • Semaglutide Keeps Weight Off For Years

    Yet another study is underscoring the benefits of semaglutide, as published in Nature Medicine this week. In a cardiovascular outcomes trial involving 17,604 adults with preexisting cardiovascular […]

Center Locations Double, Long-Term Industry Insights

The article “Center Locations Double Driven by Big Consumer Trends” written by...

Limited Scope X-Ray Successes: Updated Louisiana Regulations and Curriculum from CTD

Limited Scope X-Ray Successes: Updated Louisiana Regulations and Curriculum from CTD Dr....

Inaugural Urgent Care Foundation Grant Recipients Awarded

Inaugural Urgent Care Foundation Grant Recipients Awarded The Urgent Care Foundation has...

2023 Urgent Care Foundation Award Winners Announced

The Urgent Care Industry Awards The Urgent Care Foundation has announced the...


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