Marley Haus

Learning Experience Program Manager

Prior to UCA, Marley was the director of operations at a high-end medical practice in Beverly Hills, an executive assistant in the association world and taught Spanish to high schoolers in South Philadelphia.

She taps into deep listening to truly understand client needs and is a catalyst for driving change. As a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Temple University with a dual degree in Spanish and Education, she brings a diverse and reflective lens to her work.

Marley loves to immerse herself in new cultures through food, art and travel. Recharging in nature, reading a good book, and cooking a nourishing meal are just a few things that spark her joy.

Favorite Charity: A Scoop of Hope
Between selling the ice cream locally and generating donations nationally, we hope to raise enough money to build transitional backpacks that will be distributed to people exiting rehabilitation services in the Lancaster, PA community and beyond. The hope is to help with getting people back on their feet during this inherently fragile time.