Advocating for Limited Scope X-Ray in Urgent Care: A Grassroots Effort

On the latest episode of the Urgent Care Leadership Podcast, Chris Nugent, Director of Radiology at PM Pediatric Care discussed with UCA Chief Executive Officer Lou Ellen Horwitz the challenges and opportunities surrounding limited scope X-ray progress in Urgent Care and shared insights into the Advocacy efforts driving legislative change in various states.

Nugent emphasized the importance of collaboration and Grassroots Advocacy in shaping legislation to benefit Urgent Care centers and patients alike. He highlighted the significant impact that limited scope X-ray services can have in Urgent Care settings, where the majority of visits do not require complex imaging.

According to Nugent, “The most fulfilling part of my job has been the limited X-ray Advocacy side of things.” He explained the need for a more tailored approach to utilize the specialized skills of rad techs effectively.

Horwitz and Nugent discussed the fragmented landscape of limited scope X-ray regulation across states, with varying clinical and didactic education requirements. Nugent highlighted successful Advocacy efforts in Maryland, where legislation was passed to establish a pathway for limited scope X-ray practice.

“We ended up being kind of the experts… to push that legislation,” He said, reflecting on the victory in Maryland. He emphasized the power of collaboration among Urgent Care operators, healthcare organizations, and Advocacy groups in driving legislative change.

Similar efforts are underway in states like New York and New Jersey, where advocacy coalitions are actively working to overcome regulatory barriers. Nugent addressed challenges such as opposition from rad tech societies and concerns about patient safety with evidence-based arguments and collaborative dialogue.

Nugent emphasized the benefits of Advocacy efforts in strengthening the radiologic technology profession and creating new career pathways for rad techs.

“This strengthens the profession,” he said. “You’re offering a career path in Urgent Care.”

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