Inaugural Urgent Care Foundation Grant Recipients Awarded

The Urgent Care Foundation has announced the inaugural class of recipients of its Philanthropic Grants Program. The program, which was open to Urgent Care Association center members and other Urgent Care organizations where the project lead holds a UCA membership, supports projects and research that serve to further Urgent Care medicine as a specialty, contribute to the library of published research on Urgent Care, address known industry gaps and create pathways for continued industry progress. The first two recipients are PM Pediatric Care and the College of Urgent Care Medicine.

Project Details

Project Title: Promoting Equitable Care Through the Establishment of Industry-Wide Pediatric Urgent Care Quality Benchmarks

Organization: PM Pediatric Care

With a proposed project duration of 1 to 12 months, the PM Pediatric Care research project aims to establish industry-wide pediatric Urgent Care quality benchmarks. Priorities include both establishing benchmarks related to treatment of infectious diseases, including appropriate testing, and antibiotic stewardship and illuminating racial/ethnic disparities in care.

Project Title: Benchmarking Urgent Care Clinicians’ Confidence Level with Common & Advanced Procedures

Organization: College of Urgent Care Medicine

With a proposed project duration of 1 to 12 months, the College of Urgent Care Medicine (CUCM) aims to identify the current state of Urgent Care clinicians’ confidence in select Urgent Care procedures and factors that impact this confidence. CUCM will conduct research through voluntary quantitative survey investigation. The results will be used as the foundational study for future education, research, and advocacy efforts. As a baseline study, it will also provide the College strategic direction on activities that it can implement to reverse the current trajectory of scope degradation.

The Urgent Care Foundation Philanthropic Grants Program is opening submissions for its fall grant program on July 10, 2023. Applications close on August 18 and the anticipated project start is November 2023. Learn more about the UCF Philanthropic Grant Program and its requirements.