Urgent Care Convention 2024 - Vendor Kit


Step 1

Download the file(s) that you would like to use and open them.

Step 2

Locate and click on the image area to insert your logo.

(recommended size: 500×500 px)

Step 3

Click on the booth number area and add your booth #.

Step 4

Export/Save the file as an image. (jpg or png)

Step 5

Upload your image to your social media account.

Booth Promotion Instructions:

Share your presence at the 2024 Urgent Care Convention by customizing the graphic in this folder and sharing with one of the social media captions (or your own) below.

  • Download “RechargeBoothNumber.eps”
  • Open in Adobe Illustrator
  • Change the orange text to reflect your booth number
  • Save
  • Export as a .jpg or .png
  • Post on social media.

Social Media Captions:

  • Join us at the 2024 Urgent Care Convention as we showcase innovative solutions and make ways to make your practice easier. Let’s Recharge together! #UrgentCareCon2024 #Recharge #RechargingTogether
  • [Company Name] is excited to announce we’ll be attending the Urgent Care Convention in April. Stop by Booth #[x] and learn about [insert product/service] from our on-site experts.


Make sure to tag Urgent Care Association on LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter)

Hashtags: #UrgentCareCon2024, #Recharge #RechargingTogether

Download the Entire Kit

Download Individual Files

LinkedIn Event
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Twitter Post
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LinkedIn Post
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Email Banner
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