Call for Speakers

UCA is the leading provider of knowledge, data insights, solutions, and advocacy for the Urgent Care industry. 

Why do you want to speak at our events?

  • Speakers gain increased visibility throughout the Urgent Care industry for their expertise. 
  • Speakers and their companies are included in promotional information.
  • Speakers have the opportunity to network with peers and other professionals.
  • Speaking on timely subjects in an effective manner leads to new business developments. 

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Submission Requirements

2024 Urgent Care Convention

The Call for Speakers is open 08/01/23 - 10/31/23

If you miss the dates or want to be considered for other opportunities, please click here and join our contributor database.

The Urgent Care Convention is the largest gathering of Urgent Care professionals and we drive change throughout the industry by providing comprehensive learning that enables every professional to improve their skills, expand their knowledge, and explore innovative ideas.

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Dates: April 13-17, 2024

Join us and share your expertise in one of the following areas:

Clinical Topics

  • AI in clinical Urgent Care (what providers need to know)
  • Intentional stewardship when distributing antibiotics
  • Best practice for common Urgent Care problems and treatments
  • Higher acuity (e.g. acute chest pain, abdominal pain, headache, etc.)
  • Leadership
  • Literature review
  • Managing Urgent Care pain points
  • Occupational medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Practicing primary care in an Urgent Care environment
  • Research posters
  • Risk management
  • Steroid stewardship
  • Women’s health

Operational Topics

  • Advancing your clinic operations, compliance for success
  • AI, productivity uses for all roles
  • Compensation approaches that work in the UC environment
  • Developing and maintaining medical staff relationships
  • Finance, what you need to know for expansion and growth
  • How the CMO role is changing
  • Identifying high potentials for promotion and developing them for success
  • Leadership that retains staff
  • Managing providers when you’re not a provider
  • Managing patient reviews (Yelp/Google), techniques and tools
  • Negotiating contracts, preparation and tactics
  • Occupational medicine, the business side
  • Onboarding staff from other healthcare specialties
  • Onboarding staff from non-healthcare areas
  • Referrals, when you need to, when you don’t, and how to partner for success
  • Safety protocols for patients and employees
  • Scheduling app navigation for employee and patient satisfaction
  • Services, how to offer the full scope of Urgent Care
  • Transformative coding skills
  • Where and how to be connected in your community for optimal growth and service

Poster Presentations

Posters may present the results of ongoing or completed research in Urgent Care, describe unusual or important patient case presentations in Urgent Care Medicine, summarize innovation(s) in patient care or clinical processes in Urgent Care, or otherwise discuss important or new information relevant to Urgent Care medicine and of interest to clinicians. 

The initial poster proposal submission will need to include:

  • Abstract or Summary

The final poster will need to include:

  • Introduction or Background
  • Abstract or Summary
  • Method or Procedure
  • Data or Results (tables, figures, graphics as needed)
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion or Take-home Points
  • Audio presentation

Honoraria for this event is as follows:

  • Main Speakers receive complimentary registration plus $250 for 45 minutes of contribution, or $500 for 90 minutes of contribution, or $750 for 135+ minutes of contribution. Speakers may choose $1000 in lieu of complimentary registration.
  • UCA/CUCM Board Member Speakers receive complimentary registration for the first 45 minutes of contribution, and then $250 for 90 minutes of contribution or $500 for 135+ minutes of contribution.
  • Co-Speakers/Facilitators/Panelists receive $250 for 45 minutes of contribution, or $500 for 90 minutes of contribution, or $750 for 135+ minutes of contribution (does not include complimentary registration).

Exceptions: Vendor Speakers and Poster Presenters receive complimentary registration only.

Call for Speakers - Proposal Submission

Review the FAQs and Submission Requirements above before submitting.

List your LinkedIn profile or other social media profile to help us get to know you.
List time in minutes. Most sessions are 45-60 minutes.
List the title for your session; it should be contextual, but something to attract interest.
List a short description of your session outlining why a participant may want to attend. This description will be used for marketing the event.
List any previous speaker experience and sample video url's.

Video Introductions


  • Use a smart phone to record a brief video, production quality is not graded.
  • No more than 3 minutes in length.
  • Save the video in an online shareable drive (such as Google drive or YouTube).
  • Load the shareable link below.
List the url to your video introduction.
List any additional comments you would like us to know about you and/or your proposed session.