The College of Urgent Care Medicine

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Our Role

The College of Urgent Care Medicine will continue and extend the pioneering work begun by physicians within UCA, work which supports the clinical practice of Urgent Care medicine, including:

  • Stimulating and guiding clinical research to determine safe, cost-effective and evidenced-based treatments for illnesses and injuries typically seen by Urgent Care practitioners.
  • Promoting standardization and advancement of physician post-graduate fellowship education in Urgent Care medicine.
  • Offering high-quality continuing education in a variety of forms – conferences, on-line, published and other enduring materials.
  • Helping determine the optimal role and integration of Urgent Care medicine into the nation’s many, complex healthcare systems.
  • Examining and improving systems issues in Urgent Care medicine practice.
  • Developing patient-centered, clinical resources and tools – practice guidelines, consensus statements and reviews of best practices – to improve physician practice.
  • Advocating for and representing the specialty in the political and regulatory processes that affect Urgent Care.

Mission Statement

We are Urgent Care clinicians inspiring excellence in patient care and advancing the specialty through education, advocacy, and research. 

  • In 2021, the Board of CUCM voted to change their bylaws include physician assistants and nurse practitioners as members of the college.
  • Individual Physician, NP or PA membership in UCA includes membership to CUCM.  Click here for UCA membership information.
  • Physicians, NPs or PAs whose organization has a UCA membership automatically receive CUCM membership.  
  • A Listserv is available for all College members to promote collaboration and networking
  • As of mid-2019, the Urgent Caring newsletter gives readers an opportunity to earn free CME.