The article “Center Locations Double Driven by Big Consumer Trends” written by the Journal of Urgent Care Medicine (JUCM) references the recent UCA White Paper “The Essential Nature of Urgent Care in the Healthcare Ecosystem Post-COVID-19” and discusses how consumer demand for convenient healthcare has led to a significant increase in the number of Urgent Care centers.

One of the central themes of the UCA White Paper is the shift towards consumer-driven care. Patients are now more empowered than ever before, actively seeking out healthcare options that align with their preferences and schedules. This is further highlighted in the referenced article, which discusses how Urgent Care centers are strategically located to cater to consumer needs. Patients can easily find an Urgent Care facility in their neighborhood or while traveling, making healthcare more convenient and accessible.

The growth of Urgent Care centers is not only about numbers but also about strategic placement in high-traffic areas, making it easier for consumers to access immediate care when they need it most.

Access the “state of the union” paper for Urgent Care; it provides an update on the industry backed by statistics and examines how Urgent Care integrates with other areas of the healthcare system in a post-COVID world.