Advertising and Promotions Terms and Conditions

All advertising and promotional activities conducted through the association from Sponsors, Vendors, Agencies [“Sponsors”] must be clearly differentiated from content produced from the Urgent Care Association | Urgent Care Foundation | College of Urgent Care Medicine [“Association”]. The content must be relevant to our audience and receive approval from the appropriate Association personnel. Association reserves the right to reject any content that is deemed as detracting from Association’s purpose and initiatives. Sponsors recognize, accept and assume liability for all content and claims made against Association arising from or related to such content distributed through Association on behalf of their organizations (print, digital, spoken or otherwise).

Payment in full is due Net 30 from date of invoice to secure advertising and promotional activities unless other arrangements have been made.

Payment is required for fulfillment of advertising and promotional activities.

If taking advantage of list rental, the terms and conditions of InFocus Marketing apply.

 Advertising and Promotional Activities Refund Policy

There will be no refunds on advertising and promotional activities accepted by Association.

Advertising & Promotion Policy     

  1. The Association is responsible for all decisions and complete oversight of related educational resources, content, evaluation, and marketing.
  2. The Association makes no guarantee of advertisement performance. Securing any of these opportunities does not guarantee any level of performance.
  3. Advertisers, sponsors and agencies will not require the Association to accept recommendations related to educational content as a condition of advertising.
  4. Advertising subject to availability on date of acceptance by Association.
  5. All ads are subject to Association approval.
  6. Ads are available on a first come first served basis.
  7. Orders cannot be canceled. There will be no refunds on orders accepted by Association.
  8. Payment can be made via credit card, ACH or check.
  9. Specifications:
    1. Please refer to the UCA website for submission guidelines for copy, graphics, logo or ad size requirements.

Event Cancellation Policy

If an event is cancelled by the UCA in the year of the agreement in which Sponsor has agreed to sponsor with benefits, the opportunity will be presented to reallocate sponsor monies and benefits to an existing event in the same year, new opportunity in the same year or carry-over to an event or opportunity in the immediate following year. Upon discussion, Association will reallocate or issue a refund if desired. Exception to this policy being the UCA Urgent Care Convention, which is subject to event specific policy.

Event Housing Policy

Sponsors participating in events are required to have at least those participants out-of-state from the event location, stay at the conference hotel when Association secures a hotel rooming block for the event. Exception to this policy being the UCA Urgent Care Convention, which is subject to event specific policy.