Payman Arabzadeh, MD, MBA


Dr. Payman Arabzadeh is the CEO, Medical Director, and Chief Promise Officer at Davam Urgent Care in Magnolia, TX. Dr. Arabzadeh has been involved in the Urgent Care industry for over 10 years, and in 2014 founded his first Urgent Care location and then shortly afterwards opened his second location in Giddings, TX, and his third shortly on the way. Davam Urgent Care serves the rural and suburban communities around southeast Texas.

As a very young teenager and on his own, Dr. Arabzadeh immigrated to the United States to escape a war-torn Iran. In his pursuit of the American Dream, Dr. Arabzadeh took not only the road less traveled, but the road full of potential roadblocks. Through his persistence, family support, determination, and integrity, Dr. Arabzadeh was able to finish his education while working for the family business and obtain his medical degree.

Fast forward to his time of owning and operating Davam Urgent Care, and his eagerness to continue his knowledge and education, Dr. Arabzadeh went on to obtain his MBA from the prestigious Business School at Rice University in 2020. Using his previous experience as a business owner, combined with his medical experience in the Urgent Care industry and his newly obtained MBA, he is looking forward to expanding the Urgent Care industry as a board member.

Dr. Arabzadeh has been a proud member of the UCA for many years and in his free time, enjoys spending time with his wife, Alice, his son, Alec, and their cat, Jaden.