Gerry Cvitanovich, MD


Gerry has been involved in Urgent Care since 2002. Through the last 20 years, he has experienced and survived many of the different scenarios that many current UCA members either currently deal with, have already dealt with, or will deal with in the future. These experiences include……new clinic start-up, adding a second location, bringing management in-house, failed partnership, several EMR changes, JCAHO Accreditation, UCA Accreditation, hospital affiliation, failed hospital JV, consulting, taking a Private Equity investment, rapid new clinic growth, adding Occupational Medicine, engaged an Investment Banker and going through a sales process, and ultimately being acquired by a large hospital system. He now works for that hospital system (Ochsner Health), and now does clinic acquisitions, affiliations, and new development for the system. He also started a University Student Health Department for Ochsner. After all that, he can honestly say that he still loves Urgent Care!