Danielle Bynum, OMC


Danielle Bynum is currently a Director of Operations at Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center in Alamogordo, NM.  Danielle has served Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center, Alamogordo, and the surrounding communities as a Director of Operations for Physician Practices for eight years, winning Director of the Year for GCRMC in 2022.  The area’s in which Danielle oversees are: Primary Care, Pediatrics, Weight Management, Pain Management, Gastroenterology, ACGME Accredited Family Medicine Residency Program, and last but surely not least – Urgent Care.  Danielle supported the Urgent Care service line startup with GCRMC opening their first center in 2017, and just a year later in 2018 Champion Urgent Care became the first UCA Accredited Urgent Care center in the state of New Mexico. 

Since attending the first Urgent Care Conference in early 2016 while gaining knowledge to support GCRMC on their mission to open their first Urgent Care, Danielle has engaged herself and continued to educate herself on the Urgent Care industry.  Through her own experiences and lessons, she has found a love for helping others along their journey within the industry.  Danielle has a true passion for employee engagement, operational involvement and growth, patient experience, and provider relations. 

With the mission and vision of sharing her experience while working and learning alongside the wonderful UCA team, Danielle is excited to be elected to the Board of Directors of UCA.  Since she was in college, Danielle has always felt her purpose was to care for those who care for so many and is honored to add the UCA member community to that purpose and who she has the honor to impact.

Danielle spends her free time with her husband and three growing sons who she enjoys watching play basketball and soccer.  Her passion for development, discipline, hard work, and engagement flow into her personal life where she strives to be a great role model for her three boys.