2024 Board of Directors Candidate – Dr. Jeffrey Schor

Dr. Jeffrey Schor – Founder, Former CEO, current Board Member at PM Pediatric Care

Dr. Jeffrey Schor is the Founder and former co-CEO of PM Pediatrics, the largest Pediatric Urgent Care platform in the U.S. He remains a member of the company’s Board of Directors. Under Dr. Schor’s leadership, PM Pediatrics grew to 80 locations in 15 states and Washington with well over one million visits in 2023. The company is also one of the largest pediatric telehealth providers in the nation with over 500,000 visits since 2020, in addition to having a rapidly growing behavioral and school health program. Dr. Schor guided the development of PM Pediatrics into a national thought leader, developing over 40 evidence-based clinical protocols for in-person and telehealth-based pediatric Urgent Care. He helped established the first Pediatric Urgent Care fellowship for physicians in the U.S., graduating over 100 MDs since its induction, creating a similarly successful program for APPs soon after and developing a well-attended national Pediatric Urgent Care Conference that now provides pediatric content for the UCA at its national convention. The company holds regular webinars for professionals and the community and has been granted the right to independently award CME and CEU credits. PM Pediatrics also partners with many of the most prominent pediatric institutions in the country including Boston Children’s, Lurie Children’s in Chicago, Children’s Health in Dallas, and WakeMed Children’s in Raleigh.

Prior to forming PM Pediatrics, Dr. Schor was the Director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Associate Chairman of Emergency Medicine at New York Presbyterian Queens. Dr. Schor has served as Chairman of the Committee on Pediatric Emergency Medicine for his Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics as well as Chair of the Pediatric Urgent Care Subcommittee. He has been an integral member of numerous local and national committees and is a frequently invited lecturer and public speaker. He has authored, contributed to and presented numerous publications on pediatric emergency medicine, disaster medicine and Urgent Care.

Dr. Schor is board certified in both pediatric emergency medicine and pediatrics. He completed both his residency in pediatrics and his fellowship in pediatric emergency medicine at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington. Dr. Schor received his MD from New York Medical College, an MPH from the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services and an MBA from the New York University/Stern School of Business. He received his BA from Amherst College.

I am grateful to be considered for a Board of Directors’ position with the UCA. Like many other healthcare professionals, the membership and beneficiaries of the UCA are facing challenging times in the months and years ahead. Among the issues we face are:

  • The corporatization of Urgent Care.
  • The decrease in rates and increase in difficulty contracting with multiple insurers.
  • The continued dilution of acuity levels we are prepared to manage in our locations.
  • The need for continued development and enforcement of national safety and clinical standards to ensure the ability to see a wide variety of patients.
  • The lack of distinct specialty recognition.
  • The need for additional mentorship to develop and strengthen current and future urgent care leadership.

I have always believed that a strong sense of mission can and should be blended with the recognition that Urgent Care as an industry needs to incorporate fundamental business principles to be successful. I have been an active member and supporter of the UCA for many years including having a long-term position on the Strategic Advisory Group. It would be an honor to help ensure the continued growth and advancement of our specialty as a member of the UCA’s Board of Directors.