2024 Board of Directors Candidate – Derek Newell

Derek Newell – CEO at NextCare

Derek Newell joined NextCare as CEO in November 2021, where he and his team continue transforming a large national physical delivery system with over 175 clinics into a technology-first platform to deliver consumer leading healthcare experiences. During the last 20 years of his career, Derek has worked to integrate the Internet with physical world healthcare in a variety of pure technology and technology-enabled service businesses. Before NextCare, Derek served as the President of LetsGetChecked, one of the largest at-home-testing companies. Derek previously led all Commercial activities at Virta Health, a virtual diabetes clinic that was successful in reversing diabetes in patients. During other parts of his career, Derek was the CEO of the first company to get the FDA to approve an internet connected medical device and the CEO of Jiff, the first mobile-first, market-place-based benefits management platforms used by millions of employees at Fortune 500 companies. He has an MBA, MPH and BS (Molecular Biology), all from the University of California, Berkeley.

Why Derek would like to join the board of UCA and why he thinks he is a good fit:

Urgent Care is incredibly important. We all know that, but the healthcare system doesn’t. Although we are a fraction of the overall medical spend, we can influence a disproportionate portion of the total medical costs. If Urgent Care wants to thrive and take its rightful place at the healthcare table, we need to do two things: tell our message better through data and industry collaboration and transform ourselves. I am a product, marketing and sales executive. I have sold software and services to hundreds of employers and health plans as well as worked with CMS to change how key elements of the healthcare system are reimbursed. I have also worked in transformation my entire career. Urgent Care needs better messaging. We are already important, but no one understands that. We also have what I believe is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform ourselves into the “front door” of healthcare. To accomplish this will take more than one company trying to compete; it will take an industry working together to get its rightful seat at the healthcare table. I would be excited to join the UCA board and apply all I have learned and my expertise to this endeavor.