2024 Board of Directors Candidate – Brandon J. Robertson

Brandon J. Robertson – Founder & CEO at UCP Merchant Medicine & Intellivisit Solutions

Brandon J. Robertson is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of UCP Merchant Medicine & Intellivisit Solutions. He formed UCP Merchant Medicine in 2015 and has sought to create opportunities for health systems to thrive in the ever-changing healthcare consumerism space with focus in the on-demand care industry. In 2022, he founded Intellivisit Solutions, a real-time Artificial Intelligence decision support platform, specifically tailored to meet the clinical, experiential, financial and operational demands of the Urgent Care industry.

For the last decade, Brandon has advised thousands of leaders on approaches and models to drive healthcare strategy, optimize Urgent Care performance, enhance patient experience and streamline throughput. To date, more than 200 Urgent Care centers have been opened or operated by the UCP Merchant Medicine team, and more than 150 centers utilize the modern Urgent Care model. The outcomes of this model are 34-minute average, door-to-door times and an average Net Promoter Score of 94.

Brandon’s expertise lies in healthcare consumer centric on-demand care, including virtual, primary, urgent, and emergency care venues. He is an expert in AI applications for healthcare as well as Lean Six Sigma methodologies. The vast majority of his experience involves applying on-demand care capabilities into non-profit health systems across the U.S. UCP Merchant Medicine has served over 65 health system clients in 44 states. This is a perspective that the UCA will benefit from going into the future as 50%+ of Urgent Care centers in the U.S. are wholly or partially owned by health systems. Further, Brandon will be of benefit to health systems on the UCA Board as a representative of the ever-changing complex needs of health systems.

Brandon holds an MBA from the University of Colorado with emphasis in healthcare administration.