2024 Board of Directors Candidate – Boyd Faust

Boyd Faust – Chief Strategy Officer at GoHealth Urgent Care

Boyd Faust is the Chief Strategy Officer of GoHealth Urgent Care, serving in various leadership roles for over 11 years as CFO, COO and compliance officer.  He managed his first Urgent Care center in 1998. To why you should consider Boyd to represent you on the UCA board, he provides a twofold answer: broad Urgent Care experience to contribute and a passion to improve reimbursement rates which benefit all UCA members.

Boyd’s experience covers many of the same challenges/stresses that UCA members are facing every day. “He’s walked in your shoes” and knows what it’s like to:

    • start an Urgent Care and struggle to meet payroll – getting financing and putting up my own.
    • negotiate with payors to contract in-network.
    • grow to multiple centers, both urban and rural settings.
    • run centers in multiple states, each with different healthcare regulations.
    • contract directly with employers, cutting out the insurance middleman.
    • compete with hospitals and learn to collaborate with them.

His passion and energy for improving the relationship with commercial insurance carriers, which he considers the most critical factor in the future success of Urgent Care. He has worked tirelessly to expand reimbursement rates and terms by creating value-based models of care that demonstrate the benefit that Urgent Care brings to insurance plans and their members/employers.

Boyd has over 30 years of experience in healthcare services, and before joining GoHealth, Boyd was Chief Financial Officer for Titan Health, focusing on partnerships with physicians. He has also served as the COO of both National Surgical Care and Alliance Care, Senior Vice President of a multi-hospital integrated delivery system and Senior Manager in Ernst & Young’s Healthcare Group. 

Boyd holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a master’s degree from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Married to a pediatrician, he and his family enjoy attending college sports games (Texas Longhorns, Florida Gators and Stanford Cardinal), growing pine trees and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.